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Composting Toilets




Composting toilets will be used on the island as a replacement for normal toilets. Composting toilets are easy and inexpensive to install and when well designed have a host of attributes that work towards the mission of the FCM project. When we see the island as a self contained regenerative system where food equals waste we must rethink traditional industrial methods, that’s why waste management is the first issue we’ve tackled to kickstart the project.


SUSTAINABILITY (How it helps the Island)

On an Island there is no “away,” no sewer, no landfill, and no recycling center. We must design to optimize our use of resources and effectively turn waste into another valuable element in the system. Waste is ultimately just the unused output of a system. If we don’t have waste then we don’t need landfills that would use precious space on the island and cause a host of environmental issues. Under this approach nutrients will re-enter the system instead of being flushed away out to sea causing problems in the ocean.


COMMUNITY (How it helps the local Nicaraguan community)

The local Nicaraguan community suffers from a contaminated water table causing them to import water from afar via plastic bottles, a poor and costly solution that pollutes the local environment. The composting toilet designs used on Hog Key Island will be work as a model to educate the local community on a practical and inexpensive solution that will prevent human waste from entering the water table allowing for drinkable water from local wells.


EDUCATION How it helps educate globally

An important pillar of the FCM project is education locally and abroad. The entire project is used as a model of how a sustainable closed system can function in the real world. Not only will the project be sharing its designs but we will be actively creating educational material based off of each project made for the classroom. We want to inspire educators and classrooms worldwide by developing modern and highly relevant classroom-based curriculum vividly showing the importance of these projects as well as the science and inspiration behind them.


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