29-Acre Sustainable Ecosystem


The Finding Corte Magore project (FCM) is in its initial preparations before being set to break ground at Hog Cay Island with donor, corporate sponsor, and grant support. Our design team is not just tasked with building out the site but with designing towards an enclosed ecosystem on the 29-acre island. Corte Magore at Hog Cay will be based on the most innovative sustainability strategies tested worldwide such as implementing state of the art, low-impact and low-energy building designs and permaculture based land and resource management systems. The FCM project aims for zero emission using the latest technologies to harvest energy from the sun and wind. In addition the project will be zero waste, where waste is used as an essential part of the closed cycle in creating nourishment for all food and vegetation grown on the island.




Research Tourism


FCM will be working closely with scientists and major universities where students and scientists can study island habitats as well as enjoy the amenities and beauty of the island. FCM is already collaborating with universities and scientists and plans on being a proving and testing ground for new sustainable systems and technologies!