Through a unique partnership between The Finding Corte Magore Project and the island's owner, Ambassador Francisco Campbell, the Nicaraguan Ambassador to the United States, and CEDEHCA, a human rights organization in Nicaragua, the island will work to serve people in the region in which it exists. 

Finding Corte Magore ( FCM) aims to promote sustainable development as well as to create a long-term educational impact for children and their parents in Nicaragua. Our first project is beginning in the Caribbean Coastal Region of Bluefields, now called Corte Magore at Hog Cay, Nicaragua, named after the fictional island of Corte Magore in Tonia's book.

  Money raised through private donors, sponsors, crowdfunding and grants will be used to partner with Ambassador Francisco Campbell, the owner of a 29-acre island called Hog Cay. This is possible through our land-use entrepreneurial and ecotourism venture.

The island has already been secured through a fifteen-year leasehold by FCM and the venture is now called Corte Magore at Hog Cay, Nicaragua.



In the Spring of 2014, Tonia Allen Gould, an award-winning entrepreneur and author, wrote a children’s picture book titled Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore, which promotes hard work, overcoming obstacles, perseverance and dreaming. While touring with her book, she was inspired to make the fictional place in her book—the island of Corte Magore—real. She was eventually led to Nicaragua, where one-third of all children leave their education behind before reaching the 6th grade. Tonia’s passion, writing for children, then found its purpose. Equipped with an entrepreneurial background, Tonia and an amazing team of volunteer contributors then set out to do the (almost) impossible: Find an island, call it Corte Magore and have it serve as beacon of hope for both social and environmental good, and through it, figure out ways to make it help a nation of children who need support staying in school. 

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Aerial Photo of Hog Cay - Left The Bluff and Caribbean Sea - Right Bluefields - Top Rama Cay - Bottom Escondido River.jpg

11°59'25.2"N 83°45'09.7"W

Imagine a land-use project, in one of the world's most impoverished coastal regions, that creates research tourism and supports social and environmental progress. This bio-diverse hotspot serves as a continuous educational program to the people of Nicaragua as well as tourists. In fact, 33% of all net profits will also benefit the region through our partnership with El Centro de Derechos Humanos, Ciudadanos y Autonómicos (CEDEHCA). Operating in Bluefields, CEDEHCA is a human rights organization that contributes to the empowerment of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and mestizos of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. CEDEHCA promotes education and defends human and autonomic rights. By influencing public policies that strengthen their cultural identity, CEDEHCA stimulates community participation of local and regional development by promoting the principles of equal opportunity and is the perfect partner for Finding Corte Magore.


Finding Corte Magore is a California Benefit Company that operates as the fundraising and administrative arm of  Corte Magore at Hog Cay in Bluefields, Nicaragua, as well as for other land use projects we acquire in the future. We are fiscally sponsored by a 501(c) nonprofit organization, From the Heart Productions. You can be assured that every donation you make to our organization is tax-deductible.

Learn more about how this project began. Everyone loves a good story.  

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